What is Credit?

Credit is when a lender grants a customer a good or service without a full, immediate reimbursement to the lender. Instead of the full reimbursement, the customer and the lender agree that the customer will repay the lender in the future.

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Basics of Credit

Credit is a financial concept involving the access to funds. This can be applied to businesses and individuals alike. These days, it is rare to be self-sufficient. Businesses and individuals buy resources and assets to meet their needs.

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Credit Score

Your credit score is determined based on how responsibly you have managed your credit in the past. If you have done a poor job managing your credit, you will have bad credit.

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Bad Credit

Bad Credit is a term usually referring to having a low credit score, meaning having “bad credit.”. Credit worthiness is an assessment done by a potential lender for the likelihood that a loan will be repaid as agreed.

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