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Credit repair is a general term that refers to the practice of a consumer challenging inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable information on the consumer’s credit report to improve one’s inaccurate credit standing.

Yes, although it depends on the method. For example, while it is legal to challenge negative items on your credit reports which you believe to be inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable, accurate information is supposed to remain on your credit report. By contrast, it is entirely illegal to create a “new” identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number to use instead of one’s Social Security Number — a process known as file segregation — in order to escape responsibility by hiding one’s credit history. File segregation is a serious crime and can result in fines or imprisonment.

Sometimes employers check these reports to know about the financial position of a concerning person. In credit report, they can find all information about loans, credits, credit card transaction and mortgages. Your credit report is helpful in determining your financial status.

Inquiries always produce negative effect on our credit. If you have large number of listed inquiries of your credit report, you will lose credit points. Essentially there are two major usages of these inquiries that are:

Hard Inquiry: If you apply for credit or loan, the lender checks credit report to see your status of credit worthiness. This kind of inquiry will remain on your credit score report for three years and make bad impact on your credit history.

Soft inquiry -It is made by lenders or creditors who are not having any right of credit report pulling. These inquiries work when a creditor tries to extend credit without the consent of concerning person. This kind of inquiry is understood as unauthorized inquiry, but it does not hurt the credit score.

This credit bureau makes complete record of consumer’s credit history. It prepares their credit reports which represent each salary detail of that individual. This credit reports also maintains individual’s personal information like name, official and residential address.

There are three main credit bureaus named as Equifax, Experian and Transunion which makes credit report. These bureaus collect data from borrowers/creditors, debt accumulation bureaus and courts. After collecting reliable credit information, these firms accumulate it into precise credit report that shows the creditability of an individual. Usually these credit reports statements are evaluated by creditors before they think about credit extending.

You can order credit report freely in three ways:

By visiting the website of www.annualcreditreport.com offered by three credit bureaus with the copy credit report

Get by dialing toll free phone number 1-877-322-8228

Get it by filling form of Annual Credit Report Request and then mail to the specified address.

Yes, you can get credit report every year under the act of Fair Credit Reporting. You can get this credit report upon request from these credit bureaus.

There are many elements which influence your credit scores. The credit score primarily calculates at 35% of your history of payment, 30% on debt amount that you pay, 15% on your reference history, 10% on different credit methods, and 10% on having new accounts of credit.

However, different agencies like Equifax, Experian and Transunion use their own methods to calculate this score. Equifax does it in terms of the BEACON score while Transunion offers the score of EMPIRICA and Experian promotes score of Fair Isaac Model.

There are many elements which influence your credit scores. The credit score primarily calculates at 35% of your history of payment, 30% on debt amount that you pay, 15% on your reference history, 10% on different credit methods, and 10% on having new accounts of credit.

If you face any type of disputes like inaccurate details on credit report, you need to notify it immediately to FCRA and request them to change it.

To a very limited extent. The best way to improve a person’s credit rating is to remove the negative item from their credit profile.

It is possible although the way in which Zinu Credit Repair disputes and contests the procedure in which the original creditor used to go about submitting the account to the credit bureaus minimizes this possibility.


It costs approximately eight thousand dollars ($8,000.00) to finance a twenty thousand dollar ($20,000.00) car over the course of five years.

It also costs approximately one-hundred-thirty thousand dollars ($130,000.00) over the course of thirty years to finance just a $100,000.00 one-hundred thousand dollar home.

An individual with bad credit will not be able to obtain a prime credit card. There are a few credit cards available for individuals with bad credit, they are called sub-prime credit cards that usually come with exorbitant set-up fees, high interest rates and often require cash deposits. Most of these credit card issuers do not report your positive credit card activity to the credit bureaus.

Call (800) 400-ZINU (9468) and ask for an application. We can take your information over the phone or we can mail/email you the paperwork or you may Fax these documents to 866-802-3705 or you can Fill out the online form and a credit repair expert from Zinu Inc will call you at the earliest! Be sure to include copies of your personal information necessary to begin the process. A list of acceptable personal information is listed on page two of the credit repair package.

a) Photocopy of your Social Security Card
b) Photocopy of your pay stub displaying your full social security number
c) Photocopy of your W-2
d) Photocopy of your Health Insurance

Card that contains your full Social Security Number
CURRENT PICTURE I.D. (one of the following)
a) Photocopy of your driver’s license
b) Photocopy of your State I.D.
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