What we do

The average person spends an unprecedented amount of time at work, making your time even more precious. We understand that and believe that “credit stress” should not be part of your daily vocabulary. With over twenty-six years of experience, we ease that worry by communicating with creditors and representing clients under the Consumer Rights Act. Our goal is to create fair and accurate credit reports.

What We Do

Throughout our decades of practice, we have helped many people from all walks of life with various credit issues. We support our clients and assist them in their credit woes, including loans, credit card debt, bankruptcy, and credit score repair. At ZinuCreditRepair, we understand how overwhelmed people can become, feeling anxious when a creditor calls or knocks at their door.

This is why we’re dedicated to using our knowledge, our experience, our passion to help them and you. We are well versed in our field, helping our clients to change their lives around by using consumer protective statuses and creating effective claims. We also assist our clients by asking the questions they are legally able to.

If you need our help, please fill out the form below. We offer a free consultation to potential clients and a free credit report summary.